Our Mission
To provide our members with a professional gym, outfitted with the largest selection of workout equipment per body part.

To inspire and motivate our members to achieve their workout goals by providing a positive, aspirational workout environment.

To make our members feel that this gym is their second home.

Yes we said repeat! We come together, different paths, different goals and different milestones. But one thing that pulls us together is our want, our drive and our perseverance to get better one step at a time.

Whether we are talking about days, months or even years we shift the focus on what we can do today that will influence our tomorrow.

With the combination of hard work, passion and grit you will make your tomorrow even greater! We want you to succeed and we want you to feel accomplished leaving our doors. We work together, we push together, and we rise together.

Impact Fam it is time! Lace up your shoes, put your game face on and let’s get to work!
Not only do we get stronger inside our doors, but we focus on the strength we bring to those around us.

So our goal going forward will be to give back by supporting our locals and doing what we can to help our community thrive.


COVID-19 Safety
With the current restrictions on gyms and studios we are doing what we can to abide by the CDC guidelines.

We want to keep you safe and comfortable at all times so we implemented a number of cleaning practices that will make your overall experience here even better!

Lets all do our part in this forever changing world and keep this community safe.
Join A Community Driven Gym! 
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